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New records for non CCASA events must be claimed

To claim new records for above please contact

You will need to provide evidence such as ‘results sheet’ or web reference. Records achieved outside our competition are subject to ratification by the swimming committee and are annotated with a * in the meantime. The swimmer must have been swimming for a Cornwall club.

Click here to view latest County Short Course records – updated 21.01.2024

Click here to view the latest County Long Course records – updated 06.09.2023

Click here to view the latest Masters Short Course records updated 27.02.2024

Click here to view the latest Masters Long Course records updated 10.11.2023

Senior and Junior Championship Records Click here to view the updated 2023 records

Age Group Competition Best Times (CBTs) Note: new age groups of 16 and 17+ replaced 16+ in 2023

Click here for records from 2023

Click here to view records up to 2022

Top Age Group Competition Times Click here to view 2023 times

Click here to view Teams Relays records updated 01.09.2023

The following records can only be achieved at our annual Jan/Feb/March county events:

2024 Kernow Awards (points)

10 Year Olds Club
Female Florence Warner Penzance
Male Seth Shilston Truro City Swimming Club
11 Year Olds
Female Tilly Chandler Penzance
Male Marley Wood Truro City Swimming Club
12 Year Olds
Female Mortlock, Emily North Cornwall Dragons
Male Zeek Streeter Newquay Cormorants
13 Year Olds
Female Sienna Briggs Caradon Swimming Club
Male Callum Davies Caradon Swimming Club
14 Year Olds
Female Megan Daniel Caradon Swimming Club
Male Will Davies Newquay Cormorants
15 Year Olds
Female Chloe Stone Carn Brea and Helston Swimming Club
Male James Brinkworth Caradon Swimming Club
16 Year Olds
Female Teyah Rickwood Newquay Cormorants
Male Timmy Jones Newquay Cormorants
17 & Over
Female Kate Mugleston Caradon Swimming Club
Male Finley Wonnacott North Cornwall Dragons

2023 Kernow Awards (points)

2023 Winners Female Male
10 years Pepper McCormack Marley Wood
11 years Emily Mortlock Ezekiel Streeter
12 years Agnes Coad Nathaniel Tamblyn
13 years Megan Daniel William Davies
14 years Chloe Stone Toby Stoddard
15 years Teyah Rickwood Thomas Belt
16 years Megan Cumner Tyler Granger
17 years & Over Nia Bailey-Jones  Finley Wonnacott

2022 Kernow Awards (points)

2022 Winners Female Male
10 years Annie Ward Ezekiel Streeter
11 years Meg Lee Nathaniel Tamblyn
12 years Megan Daniel William Davies
13 years Edie Price Toby Stoddard
14 years Teyah Rickwood Thomas Belt
15 years Megan Cumner Tyler Granger
16 years & over Evangeline Belt Timon Chapman
2020 Winners Female Male
10 years Megan Daniel Frederick Hague
11 years Chloe Stone Will Frith
12 years Teyah Rickwood Ethan Matthews
13 years Darcey Laurence s Elliot Stoddard
14 years Evie Belt Tristan Bowen
15 years Anya Hocking Harry Polkinghorne
16 years & over Isabelle Leigh Jackson Spry
2019 Winners Female Male
10 & 11 years Teyah Rickwood Ethan Matthews
12 years Darcey Laurence Jude Cartwright
13 years Evie Belt Tristan Bowen
14 years Anya Hocking Harry Polkinghorne
15 years Isabelle Leigh Shay Brent
16 years & over Aegean Bramley Thomas Trebilcock

2023 Newquay

Julie Search Shield: North Cornwall Dragons

2022 No competition

2021 No competition

2020 Newquay

Julie Search Shield : Penzance

2019  Truro City

 Julie Search Shield : Carn Brea/Helston.

2023 : Carrick Masters

2022 : Carrick Masters

2021 : No competition

2020 : Bude

2023 : Penzance

2022 : No competition

2021 : No competition

2020 : No competition

2019 : Truro City

2024 : Caradon Scores

2023 : Caradon Scores

2022 : Newquay Scores

2021 : No competition

2020 : Truro City

2019 : Truro City

2024 : Newquay scores

2023 : Newquay scores

2022 : Caradon Team Scores

2021 : No competition

2020 : Carn Brea/Helston

2019: Truro City

Not held since 2018


Open Water Junior: Anya Hocking Truro City

Open Water Senior: Megan Vingoe(Carnbrea/Helston), Paul Hatton & Jason Quiterio(Caradon)

President’s Cup 2011 (Presented by G. Harrison): Joseph Tibbetts – Launceston SC

Presidents Proficiency Shield (Presented by B.Budd): not awarded

Many thanks for the following 2019 donations:

  • Thomas Trebilcock family for the 50 Fly Junior Boys trophy, in memory of “ Mr H J Challcroft”
  • Our president Anne Jolly for Junior & Senior trophies for Girls 1500m Freestyle and Boys 800m freestyle
  • CCASA for the 50m Backstroke Senior trophy
  • The Polkinghorne family who will be donating the male and female 50m Breaststroke Senior trophies
  • CCASA who will be donating the female 100m IM Junior trophy in memory of “Margaret Jacob”. 

Please email if spot any errors or you have any queries.

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