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The Cornwall County Amateur Swimming Association (CCASA) is the cornerstone of the swimming community in Cornwall, dedicated to fostering talent, promoting excellence, and encouraging participation in aquatic sports across the county. Established in 1924 and with a mission to develop and support swimmers of all ages and abilities, the CCASA provides a structured and supportive environment for training, competition, and personal growth.

Among its various initiatives, the association works with its local clubs to offer comprehensive programmes, from learn-to-swim courses to performance training sessions. These clubs are the lifeblood of the association, serving as nurturing grounds for budding swimmers and seasoned athletes, With a commitment to inclusivity and sportsmanship, the CCASA and its affiliated clubs strive to instil a lifelong love for swimming while helping athletes achieve their highest potential in the pool.

Competitive Swimming is an integral part of the CCASA, providing a platform for swimmers across the county to engage in high-level competition. Competitive swimming in Cornwall is essential to continue to develop our swimmers and feature a range of events that cater to various age groups and skill levels, from development swimmers right through to Masters.

The CCASA organises and oversees a number of swimming meets and championships throughout the year, offering swimmers the opportunity to achieve their personal bests. These events are well-planned by the swimming committee to ensure they meet the highest standards of fairness and competition, fostering an environment where athletes can thrive.

The clubs provide a structured pathway for swimmers to progress from local competitions to county, regional and national levels, with many athletes achieving significant success and recognition.

Through dedication, rigorous training, and the support of experienced coaches and volunteers, Cornwalls Competitive Swimming continues to produce exceptional talent and inspire a passion for the sport among its participants. The collaborative efforts of the CCASA and its clubs ensure that competitive swimming in Cornwall remains a beacon of excellence and opportunity for swimmers of all backgrounds.


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