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To enable galas to run quickly and smoothly it is essential that host clubs provide personnel to carry out the following duties.

For some galas you will need a minimum of 8 people to carry out these duties.

If you do not have sufficient personnel within your own club, please ask other clubs to help you. Do not wait until the day of the gala and try to muddle through as this affects the smooth running of the gala.

Please remember that the Promoter’s Representative / Meet Manager is in overall charge of the competition, so please cooperate with him or her.

Arrival time
You need to arrive at least 45 minutes before warm up.

Summary of personnel required
Some jobs can be done by the same people. For example the Door stewards can act as Presentation stewards once the spectators are in place.

Team leader
Swimmer entry controller (“bouncer”)
2 Door stewards
Chief warm up marshal
2 or 3 Competitors stewards *
2 Presentation stewards
1 Runner
1 False start rope operator
1 or 2 for Poolside drinks
1 or 2 for Litter picking

*Not required for the Junior Interclub Gala competitions (as clubs will marshal their own swimmers) or Masters competitions (as swimmers take care of themselves). At the Teams Relay Gala you will need the assistance of club staff.

Swimmer entry controller (“bouncer”)
Please see the “Pool Handover Protocol” below.

Door stewards (2)
Admission is free.
Programmes will be sold at the price is £3. The proceeds are to be handed to the County Treasurer. The host club may organise a raffle if it so wishes. No alcohol or glass items or anything that may cause a risk may be offered as raffle prizes. The proceeds belong to the host club.

Photography is NOT permitted at Bodmin leisure center . This is a leisure center rule and enquiries queries re this rule should be directed to POOL STAFF.

Chief warm up marshal
Please designate a chief warm up marshal. He or she must be someone who
knows what to do, usually a coach.

Competitors’ stewards (2 or 3)
[Not required for team competitions (as clubs marshal their own swimmers) or Masters competitions (as swimmers take care of themselves).]

Their task is to receive and organise the swimmers ready for their races (in galas with finals this includes the finals if your club is allocated the session immediately preceding finals). The stewards will be given “Start lists” by the recorders. These list the swimmers names for each race (event and heat). The announcer will instruct the swimmers to report to the stewards in plenty of time. The stewards will arrange the swimmers in order by race and lane number so that when the swimmers are required to take up their positions behind the starting blocks they are in the correct order.

At Bodmin the swimmers are first checked in on the ramp from the changing rooms by at least one steward and arranged by race in lane order from Lane 1 at the front and Lane 6 at the back. The swimmers are then sent forward a race at a time to another steward at the shallow end on the spectator side. That steward sends the swimmers forward as soon as the previous race has started.

At Penzance the swimmers are first checked in along the corridor from Reception to the changing rooms. They are then sent forward a race at a time to the entrance from the changing rooms to the pool and arranged in lane order with Lane 6 at the front and Lane 1 at the back. That steward sends the swimmers forward as soon as the previous race has started.

Presentation stewards (2)
[Not required for the Masters competition as medals are not awarded.]
The task of these stewards is to hand out medals either while the gala is
progressing or at the end of the competition depending on the arrangements for that particular competition. They should be sat at a table with the medals. They will be given results sheets by the recorders.

Runner (1)
The task of the runner is to distribute paperwork provided by the recorders. For example results will be placed in an appropriate place where they can be seen by swimmers and others and given to the Presentation Stewards.

False start rope operator (1)
The task is to release the false start rope when the Starter gives the signal for a false start or the Referee blows his whistle for a false start. This operator should be briefed by the Starter or Referee if he has not done the job before.

Poolside drinks (1 or 2)
The host club is required to provide suitable drinks and plastic cups if necessary. Some officials like plain water, others like a fruity drink.
The personnel should distribute drinks to officials, coaches and guests about every hour of work on poolside.

Litter pickers (1 or 2)
At the end of the competition, please collect up any litter from the spectators area, swimmers poolside area and changing rooms.

CCASA Pool Handover Protocol

This protocol has been written because of problems that have arisen in 2013.

It is common for leisure centre swimming lessons to be in progress immediately prior to CCASA competitions. It is therefore important that the children in those lessons are able to change back into their clothes before the large number of CCASA swimmers enter the changing rooms and occupy all the cubicles.

The key rule is politeness, commonsense and cooperation.

Pool handover
CCASA books the pool for a period half an hour before warm up for the competition. This time allows the pool to be set up for the competition, with lane ropes, blocks etc.

The swimming lessons will vacate the pool at the agreed time. During the half hour for set up the children in the lessons will need an appropriate time to change into their clothes, sometimes with the assistance of their parents, before the CCASA swimmers enter. A reasonable time is a quarter of an hour for the swimming pupils to change and a quarter of an hour for CCASA swimmers to change.

CCASA personnel should arrive at least a quarter of an hour before the pool
handover time to enable them to prevent CCASA swimmers from entering the changing area before the designated time. Before their arrival leisure centre staff should prevent access by CCASA swimmers to the changing rooms.

It is helpful for a small number of CCASA personnel to have access to the recorders area on arrival to enable them to set up their computer equipment in preparation for the meet in a secure area. This will not interrupt the leisure centre swimming lessons.

Club staff, such as coaches and team managers, should have access to poolside for their set up from the time the pool is booked. They should cooperate to ensure that swimmers do not enter the poolside or changing rooms until the agreed time.

Spectator area
At Bodmin access to the spectator area is controlled by a gate that can be locked. Spectators should not be allowed into the spectator area before the time from which the pool is booked, the CCASA entry desk is set up and everything is ready for the spectators.

At Penzance there is no physical access control. As the spectator area is away from poolside this creates no problem.

The key rule is politeness, commonsense and cooperation.

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